Code of Conduct

All participants agree to this code before the start of every class.

  1. It’s OK to take your own blindfold off anytime.
  2. Refrain from unnecessary talking before or during workshop. The jam is a non-verbal space unless needed for safety.
  3. Take care of yourself and others. This includes no lifts.
  4. If blindfolded, avoid taking large steps. Keep feet low to ground if walking – or crawl or roll.
  5. Always strive for attunement with your partner(s)—which usually means slowing down. If you are offering a kind of touch that is not being reciprocated, slow down and practice attuning to your partner.
  6. If you touch a private area inadvertently, don’t linger.
  7. If you need someone to move off you, tap twice fast and firm where you need them to move.
  8. If you don’t know, ask.
  9. Part of our conscious dance practice is to pay attention to and respect verbal and nonverbal cues of consent. This is a non-sexual space.
  10. This dance floor is free from photography and video. No intoxicants or scents – including the smell of tobacco smoke. Turn off mobile devices.