“Most profound experience of my life. This is what the world needs now.”

“A beautiful exploration of touch, movement, and breath. A complete surrender into bliss.”

“This is a very powerful practice of feeling vulnerable whilst knowing that one is in a safe container. It is very healing.”

“I came into this as a shy person that never danced. The blindfold and the instructions made me comfortable to be myself.”

“Blindfolded contact may sound scary but it’s SO accessible and liberating. TRY!”

“This workshop was enlightening. I felt a level of freedom and connection I don’t get in my regular life. I am going to recommend this to as many people as I can.”

“Thanks for bringing my soul back to life.”

“I’m beginning to realize that your class is much more than a dance/movement class. It’s a deeply personal journey in a community settling.”

“Profound experience. I found myself thinking “wow” this person I’m dancing with is so beautiful over and over, despite not knowing who these people were. Eye opening and heart opening.”

“I discovered how everyone’s being can feel like my beloved in my arms. What matters is the nurturing and heart exchange. I have that to give to everyone. The blindfold taught me that.”

“Expectation challenging. Physically affirming. A celebration of human joy.”

“It wasn’t what I expected. It was better!”

“I came burnt out and left feeling energized. This class gave energy that my body and mind needed and left me with greater presence.”

“Connection in dance has been historically been hard for me, i.e. will this person want to dance with me and will they enjoy themselves if they do? The blindfolded contact experience helped me get out of my head and feel what contact improv could be like.”