What Is This?

Blindfolded Contact Dance is a safe and gentle experience—great for both beginners and experienced dancers alike. Wearing blindfolds allows dancers to drop the fear and self-judgment that often inhibits spontaneous movement and authentic connection to self and others. These workshops take participants on a journey of somatic self-discovery and non-verbal consent via solo and group exercises—both with and without blindfolds—before culminating in an hour-long freeform blindfolded jam. No late arrivals.

Blindfolded Contact Dance can be adapted to corporate team settings and private events.

Blindfolded Contact Dance

Take an inside look at the newest dance modality that has people "seeing" themselves and each other in a whole new way.[Video shows people in blindfolds dancing alone and with each other. The caption reads, "This is Blindfolded Contact Dance. Blindfolds can help release self-consciousness and foster somatic awareness. Dancers start with a series of exercises both with and without blindfolds to build trust within oneself and community. "Profound experience." "A complete surrender into bliss." "A visit to another world." blindfoldedcontact.com]

Posted by Blindfolded Contact: Surrendering To Our Inner Sight on Monday, April 1, 2019

About Us

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Candice is a writer and coach with a focus on reclaiming erotic embodiment through exploring shame and shadow. She brings her passion for movement, play, and creative self-expression to her work as a group facilitator. She has trained in various healing modalities such as yoga, tantra, and orgasmic meditation as well as studied Alexander Technique and theatrical movement while getting her BFA at NYU. theorgasmiclife.com


Gabriel is a long-time dancer who has practiced many modalities of conscious movement. He has developed a passion for exploring how blindfolds can be be used as a medicine and tool for transcending biases, cravings, and aversions. His work as an artist explores the intersection of activism, street theatre, shadow work, and embodiment. He is the co-founder of Vulnerable Rally. He is a filmmaker by trade with a background in theatre. outsidefilms.com


Blindfolded Contact at Ecstatic Dance Oakland

Date: October 16, 2019

Time: 7-8pm

Location: Sweet's Ballroom

Join us October 16 as we teach Blindfolded Contact before Ecstatic Dance Wednesdays.

Blindfolded Contact in San Francisco, CA

Date: October 26, 2019

Time: 6:30-9:30pm

Location: The Center SF

Join us at the Center SF for Blindfolded Contact. Purchase tickets here.

New Offering! Dance Roulette in Berkeley, CA

Date: November 9, 2019

Time: 7-10pm

Location: Studio 12

Join us as we facilitate our newest offering, Dance Roulette. Purchase tickets here.

In dance we are often encouraged to “have no agenda,” but what would it be like to purposefully dance with agenda? Participants will randomly pick a challenge from a variety of prompts—ranging from funny/playful to emotional/interpersonal—each one designed to disrupt patterns of movement & engagement on the dance floor. Discover what alchemy arises when seemingly conflicting agendas interweave into comic mishaps & soulful healings. Ticket info coming soon.

Blindfolded Contact in Berkeley, CA

Date: December 7, 2019

Time: 7-10pm

Location: Studio 12

Join us at Studio 12 in Berkeley, CA for Blindfolded Contact. Ticket info coming soon.

Blindfolded Contact in Port Townsend, WA

Date: December 21, 2019

Time: 7-10pm

Location: Madrona MindBody Institute

Join us for Blindfolded Contact in Port Townsend, WA. Purchase tickets online here.

Code of Conduct

All participants agree to this code before the start of every class.

  1. Refrain from unnecessary talking before or during workshop. The jam is a non-verbal space unless needed for safety.
  2. It’s OK to take your own blindfold off anytime.
  3. Take care of yourself and others.
  4. If blindfolded, avoid taking large steps. Keep feet low to ground if walking. Crawling or rolling across the floor is another great alternative.
  5. Always strive for attunement with your partner(s)—which usually means slowing down. If you are offering a kind of touch that is not being reciprocated, slow down and practice attuning to your partner.
  6. If you touch a private area inadvertently, don’t linger.
  7. If you need someone to move off you, tap twice, fast and firm where you need them to move.
  8. If you don’t know, ask.
  9. Part of our conscious dance practice is to pay attention to and respect verbal and nonverbal cues of consent. This is a non-sexual space. Any inappropriate actions will result in immediate removal from the class and banning from future classes.
  10. This dance floor is free from photography and video. No intoxicants, scents, or jewelry/watches. Do not smoke before the event. Turn off mobile devices.


“Expertly held space.”

“Most profound experience of my life. This is what the world needs now.”

“A beautiful exploration of touch, movement, and breath. A complete surrender into bliss.”

“This is a very powerful practice of feeling vulnerable whilst knowing that one is in a safe container. It is very healing.”

“I came into this as a shy person that never danced. The blindfold and the instructions made me comfortable to be myself.”

“Blindfolded contact may sound scary but it’s SO accessible and liberating. TRY!”

“This workshop was enlightening. I felt a level of freedom and connection I don’t get in my regular life. I am going to recommend this to as many people as I can.”

“Thanks for bringing my soul back to life.”

“I’m beginning to realize that your class is much more than a dance/movement class. It’s a deeply personal journey in a community settling.”

“Profound experience. I found myself thinking “wow” this person I’m dancing with is so beautiful over and over, despite not knowing who these people were. Eye opening and heart opening.”

“I discovered how everyone’s being can feel like my beloved in my arms. What matters is the nurturing and heart exchange. I have that to give to everyone. The blindfold taught me that.”

“Expectation challenging. Physically affirming. A celebration of human joy.”

“It wasn’t what I expected. It was better!”

“I came burnt out and left feeling energized. This class gave energy that my body and mind needed and left me with greater presence.”

“Connection in dance has been historically been hard for me, i.e. will this person want to dance with me and will they enjoy themselves if they do? The blindfolded contact experience helped me get out of my head and feel what contact improv could be like.”


Although we use the word “contact” in our name, our modality is not to be confused with traditional contact improv. The skills learned in our workshops can certainly be applied to contact improv, as well as to a variety of other dance forms. For those seeking instruction in traditional contact improv as well as other creative dance events in and around the SF Bay Area, check out the links below.

Contact Improv Thursdays (Berkeley): http://thursdayjam.org/

Bay Area Dance Calendar: https://www.soulsanctuarydance.com/bay-area-dance-calendar.html

Northern California Contact Improv Calendar: https://bit.ly/2MwTmgX

Ecstatic Dance Wednesdays (Oakland): http://ecstaticdance.org/w/

Ecstatic Dance Sundays (Oakland): https://www.ecstaticdance.com/

Soul Motion Mondays (Berkeley): http://dancesanctuary.com/soul-motion-lab/

Underbelly Fridays/Saturdays/Mondays (SF & Oakland): https://www.facebook.com/underbellydiscoveryourslowdance/

Being Danced Saturdays (Oakland): https://www.shannonsahaja.com/workshops

Vitali Kononov: Contact Improv Dance Teacher: http://www.nonodance.com/company/vitali-kononov/

West Coast Contact Improv JAM Festival: https://www.wccijam.org/

SoulPlay Festivals: https://www.soulplay.co/

Northern California Dance Collective: https://ncdcdances.org/

Keep in Touch

Candice and Gabriel have taught variations of Blindfolded Contact Dance lasting between 20 minutes and 3 hours. Workshops can be adapted for corporate team building settings, conferences, festivals, and private gatherings. Interested in bringing BFC to your next event? Fill out our contact form below.